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12 hours in Ponsonby

After almost two months of travel through the North and South islands of New Zealand, we reached our final stop, Auckland; a city that feels as wide as Hong Kong feels tall. We stayed in a quirky little area called Ponsonby, a wonderfully ironic name for a place with such a hipster vibe…

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Finding freedom in Abel Tasman

One of the best things about travel is that feeling of being somewhere new and exciting, whilst at the same time feeling a subtle sense of connection to this place you’ve just stepped foot in. Like hearing an old song and being suddenly transported back to a very specific moment, travel has a way of making you feel a certain way in a certain place, of taking you out of the everyday and therefore of exposing you to new things, new stories, new feelings, even if those feelings are hard to put into words sometimes. And there is definitely something about New Zealand that does this for us.

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7 life lessons from a Kiwi campervan

This is where we used to live. It wasn’t a mansion, but at 1500 square feet it felt a tad bigger than the home we swapped it for recently on a 7 night campervan trip in New Zealand. And whilst we love our old home, and whilst we miss our old home, we won’t be forgetting our time spent sleeping in the great outdoors anytime soon. Here are the 7 life-affirming lessons we learnt when we downsized our square footage by a casual 95%, and felt more alive than ever.

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The story of a digital nomad

Digital nomad. A term I first came across ten years ago when I was a fresh grad out of Central Saint Martins, trying to break into the ad industry in London. There I was, sitting in the uber cool open-planned offices of a digital agency in Shoreditch as an intern, when I was given a brief to work on their latest campaign - the Skype nomad. The idea was to send someone - this ‘digital nomad’ - travelling around the world in a month. She would be photographing, blogging, vlogging her journey all via Skype, and I remember thinking, is that for real?

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A 'tree top' New Zealand adventure

For all the infinite wonder that the internet brings, some of its ills can at times feel bigger. The rise of the troll, our ever dwindling attention span, or perhaps the most subtle - our fondness for exaggeration. After all, if everything is “epic”, so is nothing.

And then we arrived here, Fossickers Hut…

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