“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine; it is lethal.”
- Paulo Coelho


London. Hong Kong. Bristol. Malaysia. Even before this trip started, we knew we were a family with many "homes". So when we decided to head off for 8 months of adventure, it made sense - we'd just bring home with us. We'd spend more time together. We'd rush less. We'd see more things with our eyes that this modern life tries to show us through a screen. We'd have balance. We'd create. We'd explore. We'd feel. We'd go. And we'll share these journeys here.



Photographer。Art director。Mama

Viv is a freelance photographer specialising in interiors, food and travel photography. Before pursuing her love of photography, Viv graduated from Central Saint Martins in London and worked as an art director at the award-winning advertising agency BBH London, where she was listed as ‘30 under 30’ by Campaign. Two sons later, Viv now holds the Yapp family record for fastest one handed nappy change.




Ben is a deviation from the common rule. Travel back in time and find a newborn in an English hospital, local boy in a Malaysian Primary school, lion dance drummer in Singapore, Management Consultant in a suit or ravioli maker in a kitchen. On a sabbatical from life in the corporate world, Ben now spends his time travelling the world with his family, writing about it and amassing recipes. Loves a strong dad joke.


Covey & Arlo

Brothers。Bosses。Food critics

Two brothers aged 4 & 2. Big brother Covey is a lover of clams, dim sum and salmon maki rolls, whilst Arlo the little one goes mad for mangoes. They do, however, share a profound love of ice cream.